What makes us different



We understand that each client has specific and unique needs. Therefore, aiming to meet the expectations of our clients and provide them with optimal solutions, we offer an independent wealth management service with a global perspective and solid market knowhow, underpinned by a commitment to excellence. Our advisory services are not linked to any pre-defined product or structural strategies. We strive to provide a boutique service tailored to your needs.

Multiple and global custody

Our clients have the option of locating their investments in a range of banking centres at their convenience, both at financial institutions belonging to the Crèdit Andorrà Group and at those universal or private banks that add value to the relationship.

We are characterised by a proven ability to choose the most adequate custody bank and jurisdiction, in tandem with an in-depth analysis of the financial and personal needs of our clients. Our objective is ensure that your investments enjoy the support implied by the security inherent in optimal bank solvency.

We provide our clients with the advantage of maintaining continuity with his/her financial advisor, regardless of any possible changes in the financial institutions where their assets are held.

service of consolidation of clients’ total estate is also available, integrating multiple custodies, which analyses and optimises investments bearing in mind the predefined risk profile and investment strategy of each client.

Vast knowledge of financial markets

At Private Investment Management we transform the complexity of markets into practical, innovative, and pertinent ideas, always remaining true to our philosophy of open architecture of products and independence.

Global reach

We have an extensive network of collaborators in financial markets which add to our knowhow and experience. Moreover, we collaborate with expert teams in multiple jurisdictions in order to offer independent advisory services anywhere in the world. This international access allows us to provide you with a differentiated and high-quality experience when executing the global strategy for management of your estate.


Our objective is to become the reference partner of our clients in all stages of the investment process: from creating wealth, to managing it and protecting it when confronting a generational transfer. Therefore, our commitment to the excellence of service is a key factor, which is reflected by the way we manage your estate and in our aim to establish long-term relationships with our clients.