Our management model

What makes us different:

At Private Investment Management we know what our clients want. Our first step is to listen and understand their needs. Thereafter, we analyse their profiles, taking into account the level of risk that they are willing to take when making financial decisions and the results that they expect to achieve, in order to design tailored solutions using our management model.

Capital preservation and protection

We opt for a management model based on profitable and sustainable investments, aiming for short-term stability and long-term profitability and with a clear preference for forfaiting gains prior to taking the risk of generating losses.

We utilise research and investment methods that allow us to apply a criterion of prudence when advising our clients and making investment decisions.

Personalised services

Each client has unique needs and priorities which we analyse on an individual basis so we can provide specific solutions to satisfy their goals.

We offer our clients a tailored service aimed at meeting their needs.


The philosophy that we apply when managing investments is to ensure flexibility under complex and constantly changing market scenarios. Our key objective is to provide personalised management in accordance with the preferences of our clients in terms of risk and management style, choosing the most appropriate investments and vehicles.

A holistic approach

At Private Investment Management we contemplate all aspects of wealth management.

This holistic approach to wealth management strives to achieve long-term preservation of our clients’ estates and entails:

  • Carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the personal and financial situation of each client.
  • Executing management from a wealth point of view in order to optimise the net profitability of our clients’ investments.
  • On-going monitoring of our clients’ investments, adapting to market changes.