Financial advisory

Financial Advice

Private Investment Management provides its clients with investment advisory services and/or discretionary portfolio management.

We manage the investments of our clients with the goal of generating returns in accordance with their needs, expectations, and investment profiles. As a result, we provide tailored solutions for those clients requiring financial investment advisory services: wealth management carried out together with the client or when this management is delegated or entrusted to us (discretionary portfolio management).

In both cases we utilise research and investment methods that allow us to take a prudent stance when giving advice and making decisions. Our objective is the preservation of capital and the protection of wealth.

We also provide a service of consolidation of global estates, comprised of multiple custody agreements, which analyses and optimises investments taking into account the predefined risk profile and investment strategy of each client.

As a result, we offer our clients:

  • Assistance defining and quantifying their investment objectives, financial needs, and risk tolerance.
  • An analysis of existing investments in order to select the most adequate portfolio structure.
  • Careful allocation of assets in accordance with various previously-designed investment alternatives.
  • Advisory services in order to buy and sell securities to achieve an optimal portfolio structure.
  • On-going reviews of portfolios in order to meet established objectives.

At Private Investment Management we implement strategies that take into account on-going market trends. Our philosophy is to successfully meet the challenges stemming from constantly changing markets, providing continuous high-quality advisory services as well as permanent diversification of your investments.

Via specialised assistance provided by our investment advisors, clients receive: personalised and individual attention in order to define their investment strategies; advisory services from specialised experts in order to make decisions regarding investments and products; and access to a broad range of traditional investment instruments as well as structured and alternative products.

Discretionary portfolio management is the option that Private Investment Management offers to those clients with limited or nil experience in the financial arena or to those which already have experience as private investors but that do not have enough time to follow the markets.

Through this service clients can opt to grant us a mandate to manage their investment portfolios in accordance with their investment profiles and agreed parameters.