Estate planning

Estate planning

At Private Investment Management our goal is to manage our clients’ estates in a comprehensive way and from all angles. In our view, optimal estate planning must bear in mind not only the client’s investment needs but also all the areas and aspects that affect his/her wealth.

Our objective is be a trustworthy partner for his/her projects and throughout all stages of his/her life. All actions carried out involving his/her estate are aimed at its optimisation, in accordance with the conditions of each client.

Each family group has unique needs that cannot easily be satisfied by standard solutions. Our estate planning experience combined with deep knowledge of each family group, acquired throughout the years, allows us to find personalised solutions and identify the most adequate suppliers.

The process of development of guidelines can be broken down into two steps which must be taken:

Financial planning
  • Define an investment strategy to meet the short-term objectives established without jeopardising medium and long-term objectives.
  • Define a risk policy that guarantees the preservation of purchasing power.
Legal and tax planning of estates
  • Optimise profitability via an adequate estate structure.
  • Closely monitor and make any necessary periodic adjustments, in conjunction with the performance of investments and/or regulatory changes.