Our methodology is underpinned by very solid cornerstones and is based primarily on interaction with our clients. Easy access, combined with on-going evaluation and communication with the client, yields the results that our clients aim to achieve in order to meet their investment objectives.

Work with clients to implement each investment plan

We begin relationships by carrying out deep analyses of our clients’ investment portfolios, level of risk aversion, liquidity needs, and investment objectives. Our goal is to provide our clients with those solutions that best satisfy their needs.

On-going evaluation and effective adaptation to change

In a constantly evolving world, with fluctuations of clients’ priorities, preferences and needs, our advisors very closely evaluate and examine all market changes. This ensures flexible management of our clients’ estates, adapting to needs which arise and to changing market trends. Continuously working hand-in-hand with our clients and in close collaboration with them are the two basic cornerstones allowing investment objectives to be met. Throughout the entire process, there is a constant dialogue between clients and advisors.

  • 1
    First meeting with the client
  • 2
    Client review
  • 3
    Defining the client’s objectives
  • 4
    Defining the client’s profile
  • 5
    Assessing and defining a financial strategy
  • 6
    Regular visits

We begin relationships with an interview aimed at understanding the client’s expectations.

We analyse and define the client’s risk profile and personal characteristics.

We manage wealth and financial objectives in a manner that is completely consistent with key business, family, and leisure needs and expectations of each client.

We define the risk profile of the client in accordance with his/her needs and level of risk tolerance.

We design and develop a personalised financial strategy, underpinned by a broad range of investment options that – once implemented – are subject to on-going review and periodic monitoring.

We offer clients the possibility of monitoring the state of their investments and keeping informed via regular visits, whenever they so desire.